Grease Trap

Blue Diamond can put your establishment on an automatic work order to pump you grease trap.

The automatic work order can put your mind at ease. We have a computer generated work order that lets us know when your trap is ready for pumping. The periodic pumping rate is determined by your grease generation at the time your establishment is put on a regular schedule for cleaning the grease trap. The automatic work order can be put on any schedule whether; it is weekly, monthly, or yearly. Most of our work is done in the Morning hours to minimize disturbance to you company and ease of service to our truck. We offer 24-7 Emergency service to all commercial customers.

Our grease trap services include:

  • Pumping
  • Hauling
  • Disposal

What does a grease trap do?

Grease traps are designed to catch and retain grease generated by a restaurant so that the grease generated will not be cool, congeal, and clog municipal sewer system lines.

High health standards

All restaurants need to live up to strict health standards in order for them to stay in business. A big factor in ensuring that your restaurant meet the necessary health standard requirements is by having your grease traps regularly cleaned out. Grease traps can be a magnet for unsanitary conditions. Keep your restaurant open by having your traps pumped today,