Septic Inspection

Purchasing a home?

Septic Inspection Services in Albany NYThis can be a very stressful time. Have your septic inspection performed by a company who cares about their customers. Septic Inspections are composed of:

Visual Inspection – The visual inspection is to make sure that tank is working properly. We look at the levels of topscum and sludge that have built up over the years. These levels with other information are used to make sure there is enough bacteria in the tank. This form of bacteria is designed to help break down solids in the tank but is not a solution for never pumping a septic tank. Septic tanks still need to be pumped on a regular routine maintenance basis.

We also check the inlet and outlet baffles. The outlet baffle is a very important piece of your septic system. The outlet baffle is designed to prevent solids from leaving you septic tank and flowing into the leach field and potentially clogging the field.

Hydraulic Load Test – are designed to make sure the septic’s leach field is working properly for the size of the house and the amount of residents that will be dwelling in the home. When a hydraulic load test is performed, water is flowed into the septic tank for a time that is determined by how many bedrooms are in the house and the flow per minute of the water. We are looking to see if the field exceeds the water. If the field does them the system is working properly and will pass inspection. If the field does not we will try to find the cause of the problem and advise both the current homeowner and the potential homeowner.

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