Luxury Restroom Trailers in South Carolina

Blue Diamond is thrilled to now be removing the middle man and offering our own luxury restroom trailer rentals in South Carolina. Anytime you host an event, the focus tends to be on food, décor, and other aspects of entertainment. But when held outside of a traditional venue, there may be one very important aspect that you’re overlooking: how are your guests going to use the restroom?

Without an event space, your options may seem a bit limited. There’s no doubt that you need to provide something for your guests, but the idea of using a traditional porta potty is out of the question for most people—especially when it comes to more formal gatherings, such as weddings. That’s why we highly suggest investing in a luxury restroom trailer rental.

In most instances, guests are surprised by what they find behind the door of a luxury restroom trailer. Designed to mimic a true bathroom setup with electricity, flushable toilets, vanities, and toiletries, luxury restroom trailers are the ideal solution for outdoor events. By working with a company that not only offers luxury restroom trailers for rent, but has the knowledge and skill for seamless hook up you can focus solely on enjoying your event knowing your guests are taken care of with comfort and convenience.

Trust in Blue Diamond

We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about our luxury restroom trailer rentals. Call us at 843-798-8737 today to take advantage of our services. You can also visit our Luxury Restroom Trailers website here!