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Blue Diamond Septic has been providing professional pumping and inspection services to the Albany, NY and entire Capital District since 1987. Regular septic maintenance is the best way to prevent serious septic mishaps. We do everything from cleaning to repair, so we will help keep your tank running regularly and properly for years to come.

 •  Tank cleaning

 •  Septic draining and repairs

 •  Treatment plants

 •  Residential and Commercial

 •  Sludge Hauling

“From your tank to ours” "Tanks a lot!"

If your septic system breaks down, it can be quite literally a mess. Don't try and cleanup the substances that leak out from a septic system on your own they can be dangerous. Instead hire our professionals to do the dirty work for you.

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Our septic service includes:

Professional cleanup

“From your tank to ours”

“Tanks a lot!”


We offer

24 Hour Commercial Emergency Service